The disciplines we practice

With our passionate and dedicated coaches, the classes given in the gym offer an ideal for learning and improving in the different disciplines taught.

Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Class

The JJB is a very young discipline in our club, we discovered and adopted the practice of this martial art in 2012.
The techniques and concepts acquired through this sport make it an essential pillar for learning and mastering Grappling or MMA.

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Grappling Class

The discipline of Grappling has its origins in wrestling and it is this affiliation that encourages our club to take place in Conthey, the bastion of the regional club Conthey Lutte.
The techniques taught represent the foundations of MMA and take up a large part of the principles of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu with the constraint of not wearing a kimono and the grips offered by it.

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MMA Class

MMA, also known as Free Fight, is a discipline that has enjoyed worldwide success for several years. It is about a set of martial arts which form a sport discipline as effective standing as on the ground.
We put special emphasis on learning ground techniques, then striking is practiced specifically for MMA to become a complete athlete.

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