The power of wrestling combined with the technicality of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and the spectacularness of Judo.

Grappling is a combat sport at the crossroads of wrestling, Judo, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. Unlike BJJ and Judo, grappling is practiced without a kimono and grips are therefore not allowed, which has a fundamental impact on the dynamics and techniques practiced. It includes everything found in MMA (projection, immobilization, submission ..) with the exception of percussion techniques (feet, fists…).

Switzerland is a country which is deeply linked to wrestling, be it traditional Swiss wrestling, Greco-Roman wrestling or freestyle wrestling. Some of the principles, rules and fundamentals of these disciplines are found in grappling, but it brings a whole new dimension to this type of sport: work on the ground.

In the disciplines mentioned, the fight ends when one of the two fighters immobilizes his opponent with his shoulders pressed to the ground. In grappling, on the other hand, the ground is simply an extension of the fight initiated while standing and the fight does not end when one of the athletes is immobilized.