Icon Jiu-jitsu Team

Promote excellence in sport and a better quality of life through the practice of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Grappling and MMA.

In 2004, Anderson Pereira moved to Switzerland, Geneva. He started by developing the BJJ in the Geneva region, then in Switzerland and in Europe thanks to the seminars he gave in order to pass on his knowledge. New training centers have been created under his leadership (Switzerland, France, Spain and United Kingdom), with the aim of supporting the development of this martial art and transmitting the techniques and philosophy of Jiu- Brazilian jitsu.

Associated with his master Zé Marcello, Anderson united in 2010 a group of black belts and both gave birth to the academy called Icon JJ Team. This sport was still very young in Europe at that time and the creation of this team marked the beginning of a great human and sporting history, the influence of which today has no borders. Very quickly Icon JJ Team grew into one of the world's largest BJJ, Grappling and MMA teams based in Europe. The "Icon family" has also spread across the world in countries as varied as Brazil and the USA, which are both the eldorado of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu today, but also New Zealand, China. and Reunion Island.

The goal of the work offered by Icon JJ Team is to promote excellence in sport and a better quality of life through the practice of BJJ, Grappling and MMA. The various clubs of Icon Academy provide quality sports training and advice to people of all ages and genders, whether for competitors or even for non-competitors who want to indulge in martial arts.

The accomplished competitor

Anderson Pereira started martial arts at the age of 5, he got his start in Judo and got his black belt at 19. Besides Judo, he has also been practicing Brazilian Jiu-jitsu from the age of 15 because this discipline will allow him to improve and perfect his fighting technique on the ground. 12 years after starting the BJJ, his master and world-renowned competitor Zé Marcello (world champion, European champion and Pan American champion) awarded him his black belt, the highest rank in this martial art. This belt is an unparalleled honor and rewards years of hard work and devotion to the sport. From the age of 24 Anderson also turned to freestyle combat, also known as MMA or mixed martial arts.

Main titles won

  • World Grappling Champion at the USA Master 2009 IBJJF
  • 2007 Brazilian Jiu-jitsu European Champion
  • 3rd European Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Championship 2010
  • 2003 Freestyle Wrestling Champion at the RFT Cup in Brazil
  • Vice champion in the 2004 Campos Submission in Brazil
  • Champion Super Fight ADCC Switzerland 2004
  • 3x Champion at VIC International Paris Grappling
  • Brazilian Wrestling Champion 2011
  • Participation in the Pan American Games in Guatemala in 2002 with the Brazilian selection
  • 3x Champion of the Open Judo Games in Brazil

The talented coach

In addition to being an accomplished competitor and a very high level athlete, Anderson also shines through his quality as a trainer and coach to pass on his experience and knowledge. Thanks to their tireless work and investment with the students of the Icon JJ Team academy, the team achieved great performances with numerous titles in the pipeline.

Main titles won by team

  • 1st place in the 2011/2012 European Championship, Novice category
  • 6x 1st place at the Swiss Cup of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu
  • 1st place at the Swiss Grappling Cup
  • In addition, there are numerous individual medals won by some of the Icon JJ Team competitors at the most important events in the world: World Championship, Asian Championship, Pan American Championship and European Championship.

Our lineage