The ultimate art of combat with the best of hitting techniques combined with mastery of the ground.

MMA, which can be translated as free combat or mixed martial art, is a discipline that brings together everything that is most effective in terms of fighting techniques. We find boxing movements, Thai boxing shots, Judo projections, wrestling takedowns, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu finalization techniques… Here is only a sample of what makes MMA such as we practice it today.

This discipline is still young, but it is enjoying worldwide success thanks in particular to the media coverage that federations like the UFC and Bellator are experiencing today. It all started with the desire to find the most effective martial art in real combat, and that is why the first event of the Ultimate Fighting Championship was held.

The best fighters in each discipline or martial art faced each other in a cage, no weight class, no time limit and almost no rules. Very quickly, it turned out that the fighters mastering the techniques of ground fighting managed to gain the upper hand over their opponents and win against practitioners of what were nevertheless considered to be the most effective fighting sports (boxing, kick boxing , karate…). It is this type of event that also made it possible to show for all the effectiveness of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, no doubt that the fact of seeing the frail Royce Gracie beating opponents much heavier and more powerful than he will have surprised. more than one spectator.

Over time, this type of competition has evolved in order to increase its media coverage and it is for this reason that certain rules have emerged in order to protect the fighters on the one hand and above all to make the fights more interesting to follow. The evolution of combat techniques also happened naturally, combatants with expertise in striking began to take an interest in ground techniques, defense techniques adapted… MMA was born.